Preliminary Phase: Forming the Change Coordination Team

In 2007, a team of health care professionals and MOH professionals from Yemen attended an ESD-organized, USAID-funded conference in Bangkok, “Scaling-Up High Impact FP/MNCH Best Practices in Asia/Near East Region.” The Yemen Country Team engaged in working sessions to identify country-specific gaps that contributed to poor maternal and child health status, including the low rate of family planning use, low access to postpartum care (PPC) and the infrequent practice of immediate and exclusive breastfeeding. 


The team was further expanded to support the scaling up of best practices that address those major gaps. The Yemen Country Team (below) serves as an example of a change team’s structure and shows an emerging leader of the team, the Secretary General of Health, who supported the team in scaling up eight postpartum best practices at the national level.  


Yemen Country Team


Secretary General of Health


Deputy Secretary of Health

Executive Manager

Chief of Party for USAID-funded BHS Project

Members from MOH

All General Directors of Health

Directors of Gynecology and Obstetrics in select hospitals

Directors of Hospitals

Representatives from Quality Assurance Teams

Donor Agencies





Religious Leaders

From local NGOs and Ministry of Religious Affairs


Phase I: Defining the Need for Change