Phase IV: Going to Scale with Successful Change Efforts

Experiences and lessons learned from the first phase of the Improvement Collaborative were shared and integrated into the plan for the next phase of scale-up. Members of the IC and MOH developed scaling-up plans for the current and new governorates.

In the fall of 2009, a third phase of the Improvement Collaborative extended the best practices to an additional eight referral hospitals in Amran, Sa’ada, Mareb, Shabwa and El Jawf, and to an additional 130 facilities in their respective catchment areas (51 rural hospitals and 79 health centers).

In April 2010, the MOH, led by the Secretary General, convened a country team meeting and invited all governorate health directors to a national consultation, where they collectively decided to scale-up the best practices to the remaining 13 governorates. The team discussed two additional best practices for maternal care and added them to the package of best practices (for a total of 12 ): the use of magnesium sulfate for eclampsia and essential obstetric care, including the use of the partograph during labor.