Phase II: Planning for Demonstration and Scale-up

The team’s goal was to spread the package of best practices and improve the quality of obstetric and neonatal care and FP at the national level. Motivated by the Secretary General, who promised full support, the team agreed to introduce and test the package at demonstration sites to be followed by a full, national-level scale-up.


Starting in 2008, the team introduced these best practices via key interventions in provider training and updating service standards in Al-Sabeen Hospital in the capital city of Sana’a. By introducing the eight selected best practices, the hospital made a number of improvements, including establishing infection prevention and patient education committees and securing a sufficient supply of Vitamin A and vaccines. Other improvements include:

  • Addition of Vitamin A to the reproductive health (RH) essential drugs list.
  • Creation of a postpartum counseling room.
  • Enhanced opportunities for integrated vaccination.

Less than six months after the start of the intervention, Al-Sabeen Hospital was providing three times as many BCG vaccinations as before. 

Phase III: Supporting the Demonstration