Demographic and Health Surveys Toolkit

For more than 30 years, The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program (formerly MEASURE DHS) has implemented more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries. The DHS Program data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition are commonly used as benchmarks by global and country policymakers. While capacity strengthening efforts in The DHS Program emphasize on-the-job training and collaboration, written materials and documents also provide a powerful means of transferring skills and experience on best practices in survey implementation.

The DHS Program provides documentation for all standard activities including questionnaires; sampling, data collection, GIS, and biomarker manuals; the tabulation plan and standard recode manual; and tools for analyzing, interpreting, and applying DHS data to decision making.

Questionnaires and manuals are available by survey type at:

The entire list of questionnaires from previous DHS cycles is available at:

Additional documentation and tools are available at

Toolkit last updated: February 01, 2013