Demographic and Health Surveys Toolkit

For more than 25 years, The Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) Program (formerly MEASURE DHS) has implemented more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries. The DHS Program data on population, health, HIV, and nutrition are commonly used as benchmarks by global and country policymakers.While capacity strengthening efforts in The DHS Program emphasize on-the-job training and collaboration, written materials and documents also provide a powerful means of transferring skills and experience on best practices in survey implementation.

The DHS Program has developed this Toolkit to present in one place the questionnaires, manuals, and other print documents needed to assist organizations in conducting population-based Demographic and Health Surveys. These documents are also available on The DHS Program website (; the Toolkit provides a mechanism for presenting The DHS Program materials in one accessible place. The toolkit is a comprehensive set of materials to assist in all stages of the survey, from survey design to dissemination of results. French and Spanish translations of some documents are also available.  In addition, the Toolkit provides working versions of documents, such as Word or Excel versions, when applicable. Materials are classified into categories roughly corresponding to stages in survey design, implementation, and use. Although the materials were developed for use with population-based, household surveys, some are also useful for surveys of health facilities or personnel. For example, the Geographic Information System (GIS) manual contains detailed instructions on how to collect geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) that can be used in surveys of households or facilities or censuses. The DHS Program also implements AIDS Indicator Surveys (AIS), Malaria Indicator Surveys (MIS), and Service Provision Assessment (SPA) surveys. Questionnaires and manuals for these survey types are available at The DHS Program website ( 

This Toolkit contains documents pertaining only to the implementation of Demographic and Health Surveys.

In October 2013, MEASURE DHS became The DHS Program.  This marks the 7th Demographic and Health Surveys project awarded by USAID. The DHS Program, or DHS7, runs from 2013-2018.  The core documentation for DHS surveys, such as questionnaires, tab plans, and manuals, will be updated under DHS7.  Those items will be updated in this toolkit as they become available.  This toolkit will provide links only to the most current materials.  Older versions of the core documentation are available on The DHS Program website (  


Toolkit last updated: February 01, 2013