Behavior Change Communication

Effective socio-behavior change and communication activities are important for raising awareness about family planning (and reducing misinformation), motivating individuals to seek out family planning, and reducing barriers to access and use of family planning.

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is a process of working with individuals, communities, and societies to develop context-appropriate communication strategies to promote healthful behaviors such as condom use. SBCC channels include the mass media; interpersonal communication, such as provider-client or peer-to-peer counseling; and community-based channels, such as household outreach, street theater, or local radio. A supportive environment that will enable people to initiate and sustain improved health behaviors is essential to the success of any health communication effort.

The materials in this section of the Toolkit can be used to develop the capacity of family planning program managers, service delivery staff, and supporters to successfully share family planning messages that will build a supportive environment for family planning and ultimately improve reproductive health behaviors and outcomes in a community.

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