Checklist, Training and Reference Guide for a Screening Checklist to Identify Women Who Are Not Pregnant

This publication is intended to provide program managers, administrators, trainers, and service providers with:

  • a training module on how to use the Pregnancy Checklist;
  • an overview of the Pregnancy Checklist and guidance for adapting it for local use;
  • information on the most current research regarding the validity, effectiveness and use of the Pregnancy Checklist.

The Pregnancy Checklist contains a series of questions to rule out pregnancy. These questions, based on criteria established by the World Health Organization (WHO) for determining with reasonable certainty that a woman is not pregnant, are also included in the COC, DMPA, IUD, and implant checklists.

Although originally developed for use by family planning providers, the Pregnancy Checklist can also be used by other health care providers who need to determine whether a client could be pregnant. For example, pharmacists may use this checklist when prescribing certain medications that should be avoided during pregnancy.

56 pp
FHI 360