About the Materials

The materials developed in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda are modeled after two existing ACS materials developed for U.S. audiences: 

After Diagnosis: A Guide for Patients and Families  - A booklet for patients who are newly diagnosed with cancer. It explains what cancer is, its causes, how it is diagnosed and staged, treatment options, options to manage side effects, and how to talk with others about cancer.

Listen With Your Heart: Talking With The Person Who Has Cancer’ - A booklet for caregivers and family members that offers advice on how to support a loved one who has cancer. 

Working with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders, each country team followed the research-based P Process to understand knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, and practices about cancer.

Some findings were common across all countries, leading to similarities in their materials. Other research findings were specific to each country, leading to unique content; these are highlighted in each country section.

You can learn moe about these adaptations and view the materials from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda in this toolkit. You can also download ready-to-print files of materials.

The experience gained from the development process is distilled in the 'How to Adapt' section of this toolkit, where you'll find Adaptation Guides and a Libary of Images to help you easily create materials for cancer patients and caregivers in your country or community.