Development and Implementation Process

Development of the Transformative Tools

Each of the Transformative Tools was developed using the following process:

  • An extensive literature review was conducted to identify pre-existing materials that address issues of interest that relate to the purpose of the Transformative Tools.
  • Planning meetings were held with partners to review the available pre-existing materials and resources, identify gaps and materials that could fill the gaps, and build consensus on the path forward.
  • A task force was created to oversee the process of developing the Transformative Tool.
  • A facilitators’ guide was drafted and translated to the local language (Chichewa), and was reviewed by the task force, who identified and filled gaps in the content.
  • Master trainers (who are members of the beneficiary communities) were trained, and provided feedback on the tools.
  • The tools were refined and finalized using feedback from the master trainers, community members, and task force members. The tools were also proofread and copyedited.
  • The tools were sent to USAID for review and approval, and USAID feedback was incorporated into the final tools.

Implementation and Monitoring of the Transformative Tools

In order to build the groundwork for the use of these toolkits, BRIDGE II trained Trainers of Trainers (TOTs) who in turn trained Community Facilitators who conducted the discussions on the ground in communities. The toolkits were distributed during the TOT sessions for dispersal to the Community Facilitators. 

Additionally, BRIDGE II set minimum standards for effective monitoring and evaluation of the positive impact and change the Transformative Tools were making in people’s lives. In order to facilitate the necessary collection of information on participants’ exposure to Transformative Tools’ activities and concepts, the attendance reporting forms for each toolkit were tailored to include   gathering   data on participation in each individual activity. This allowed BRIDGE II to track which individuals had participated in each activity for each Transformative Tool. TOTs and subsequently Community Facilitators were trained on appropriate data collection using the attendance reporting forms.