National-Level Capacity Building

National Level Capacity Building

Leadership in Strategic Health Communication  

At the national level, BRIDGE II facilitated two sessions of the Leadership in Strategic Health Communication (LSHC) workshop, a renowned course developed by CCP. The course enhanced the capacity of over 50 people (program managers, senior program officers and communication officers) from the Ministry of Health and selected organizations across Malawi that implement HIV-focused communication programs. The workshop covered how to strategically design, plan and implement strategic communication programs around HIV and AIDS.  

Strengthening capacity of media institutions 

BRIDGE II trained media professionals to develop quality reality radio programs that address HIV- and AIDS-related issues and improve access of Malawians to relevant information and knowledge about HIV prevention.  Capacity building efforts included: involving partner institutions in designing reality radio programs; mentoring local radio stations on reality programming (including the sharing of skills, programs and real life stories addressing HIV issues using the reality programming approach); offering basic computer skills to support production of HIV programs and distributing laptops and digital recorders to local radio stations to support their work through improved access to high-quality equipment; empowering media houses to accurately report on voluntary male medical circumcision (VMMC), and actively involving the media houses in designing the National Dialogue, which strengthened their capacity to lead this activity in the future.  

Strengthening National Organizations and Institutions

BRIDGE II worked closely with the Malawi National AIDS Commission (NAC) and the Health Education Services (HES) sector of the Ministry of Health, and encouraged the development of strong SBCC programs within these institutions. BRIDGE II leadership participated in the Malawi HIV Prevention Technical Working Group as well as the BCC Sub-Technical Committee of that working group that met quarterly to review HIV prevention efforts in the Malawi National HIV Response. BRIDGE II took a leading role in developing the VMMC Communication Strategy, provided technical support to NAC and HES in reviewing the HIV Prevention Strategy and many other strategic documents on HIV prevention.