Country and Field Experience

The Anemia Prevention and Control Toolkit is collecting country and field experiences on anemia control programs, implemented as either single components (e.g., malaria control) or an integrated package that addresses several causes of anemia. There are countries that have made progress in improving anemia control programs and reducing anemia, either using an integrated approach or making progress through one intervention. Sub-tabs to the right give information on Nepal, Nicaragua, Indonesia, and Thailand, and most recently, information on work in Kenya to improve anemia prevention and control. Kenya resources, policies, plans, and strategies, along with various behavior change communication (BCC) materials targeted to pregnant women as well as health workers, can be found under the Kenya sub-tab. In addition, six short videos of an interview with Madame Terrie Wefwafwa, Head of the Ministry of Health's Division of Nutrition, conducted in August 2013 highlight how Kenya has improved their iron-folic acid supplementation program and how other sectors are involved in anemia control.