Counseling Messages for IFA Supplementation

Dose: Take one per day and take at least 180 tablets during your pregnancy (and as early as possible in your pregnancy). Come back next month to receive your next package or sachet of 30 tablets and other services at ANC. You should also take one IFA tablet per day for 40 days after you deliver.

Why: IFA is good for you and your baby and will make you and your baby healthy and strong.

How to Take: Take in between meals or before going to bed with a little fruit juice. Do not take with tea or coffee, as these drinks decrease the effect of IFA.

Side Effects: You may experience some discomfort (stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation) or black stools when taking IFA. These side effects are not serious or harmful, and in most women they subside in a few days. If IFA continues to cause discomfort, try taking it with meals.

Safety: IFA is safe for mothers and their unborn babies. IFA will not hurt you or your baby. It will not make your baby bigger, cause high blood pressure, or give you too much blood. IFA tablets are designed and prescribed for your use only; do not share them with other family members. Keep IFA supplements out of the reach of children.