A Qualitative Review of Psychosocial Support Interventions for Young People Living with HIV

The Department of Child and Adolescent Health of WHO undertook, in collaboration with the Health and HIV departments of UNICEF in New York, a review of interventions for providing psychosocial support for young people living with HIV (YPLHIV). Drawing on information from key players and organizations around the world, the study investigated the following: what organizations are doing to provide psychosocial support for YPLHIV; the major problems faced by YPLHIV and the obstacles organizations must overcome to meet their needs; specific outcomes that organizations are trying to achieve; lessons learned in effective provision of psychosocial support for YPLHIV (what works and what does not); policy and programme recommendations; and research questions that remain unanswered.
The report provides recommendations and guidelines for how organizations around the world can improve psychosocial support services for YPLHIV as they transition to adulthood.

World Health Organization (WHO)