About Toolkits

Toolkits provide quick and easy access to relevant and reliable health information in one convenient location, intended for health program managers, policy makers, and service providers. The resources in Toolkits are selected by experts and arranged for practical use. We strive to keep the toolkits up-to-date and fill remaining information gaps so that health care professionals around the world have access to the information they need to develop policies, design programs, and make health care decisions based on evidence.

At present, K4Health offers approximately 75 Toolkits on a wide range of health topics including :

  • Family planning methods
  • Family planning/reproductive health programs and services
  • Maternal and child health
  • Environmental health
  • Gender
  • Cross-cutting technical areas (mHealth, leadership and management)

K4Health Toolkit users will also find country-specific toolkits which include local research findings, national policies and guidelines, program innovations, and communication materials in local languages.

If you would like to learn more about our toolkits, suggest new topics or have general feedback, please contact the toolkit team.

Watch a toolkit orientation video to learn more about the main features and how to navigate through the toolkits.