The RHInterchange, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

The RHInterchange provides access to up-to-date, harmonized data on more than U.S. $1 billion worth of shipments of contraceptive supplies for more than 140 countries around the world. The RHInterchange stores historical information and offers visibility into upcoming shipments. You can use it for pipeline monitoring, commodity management, analysis, and planning.

Supplies Information Database (SID), Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

The Supplies Information Database (SID) is an online reference library with over 6,000 records on the status of reproductive health supplies at the country-level. The library includes studies, assessments, and other publications dating back to 1986, many no longer available even in their country of origin. SID's user-friendly search and feedback features allow you to locate, download, and print materials. Documents can be searched by keyword, country, date, subject area, and type of publication. Continuously updated, SID offers you exclusive access to the latest supply information on more than 230 countries and territories worldwide.