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Google Analytics Summary


Google Analytics Summary

  1. To review information about the traffic that is coming to your toolkit, click on Google Analytics Summary beneath the main admin menu.
  2. Enter a Start Date and End Date to modify the report or review the default view of the past 30 days.
  3. The report will include information regarding:
  • Visits (refers to the number of unique visits)
  • Pageviews (refers to the total number of pages viewed by visitors)
  • Pages/Visit (average number of pages viewed on each unique visit)
  • Bounce Rate (percentage of visitors who enter your toolkit and then leave without viewing other pages)
  • Average Time on Site (total time spent viewing pages averaged out over all visits)
  • Percentage New Visits (percentage of the total visits coming from new visitors as opposed to return visits)
  • Top Pages (top ten most viewed pages within your toolkit)
  • Top Countries (displays the top countries of your toolkit visitors)
  • Top Referrals (sites that have referred or linked visitors to your toolkit)
  • Top Keywords (search terms that visitors used to find your content from a search engine)
  • Source Types (indicates whether visits are coming from an upaid search (organic), a link from another site (referral), or a direct visit (visitor typed your URL directly into a browser))



  1. To review a list of broken links in your toolkit, click on Linkchecker beneath the main admin menu.
  2. The URL column indicates the broken link.
  3. The Response and Error columns indicate the broken link type (404 Not Found, 301 Moved Permanently, etc.)
  4. The Operations column allows you to edit the page where the broken link exists.
  5. To fix the link, click Edit node XXX.
  6. Find the broken link within that page - it may be in the body text or a link to a URL in a resource record.
  7. Find the correct link to the material or website through a search engine and replace the link.
  8. Click Save.


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