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    This post, originally appearing on the Frontline Health Workers Coalition Blog, is by Julia Nakad at Hesperian Health Guides. Hesperian, a K4Health partner, publishes Where There Is No Doctor, “the most widely-used health care manual for health workers, educators, and others involved in primary health care and health promotion around the world.” Photoshare recently collaborated with Hesperian and Business for Social Responsibility’s HERproject to create illustrations based on photos that can be custom health education training materials.

    High in the Andes, the organization DESEA Peru has relied on images to improve local health outcomes. The group found creative ways to use images as a training resource with community health workers locally known as “qhalis” – from the Quechua expression “qhali’kaypac llank’sun,” meaning “working for health.” During the last six years, the qhalis have transformed their community, struggling against a higher-than-average infant mortality rate to successfully eradicate maternal and child deaths caused by preventable illnesses.

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    This post by David Alexander, originally appearing on the Photoshare Blog, announces a new partnership between K4Health's Photoshare and the mHealth Alliance's Health Unbound (HUB)

    Photoshare images are now available through the mHealth Alliance's Health Unbound (HUB) website!
    Photoshare photos on HUB

    A new partnership between K4Health's Photoshare and the mHealth Alliance's HUB presents Photoshare images for quick access to HUB users.

    A new partnership between Photoshare and the mHealth Alliance HUB website presents Photoshare images for quick access to HUB users. The linkage further expands the reach and impact of Photoshare images and creates new opportunities for improved photo-sharing related to mHealth interventions around the world.

    Powered by the mHealth Alliance, Health Unbound (HUB) - is the interactive network and online knowledge resource center for the mobile health (mHealth) community.

    HUB provides users with a clean design, and search interface for Photoshare images as well as quick access to tools for recommending and sharing images through social media, and email.

    This connection sets the groundwork for the development of a forthcoming Photoshare API (application programming interface) that will provide the full functionality of Photoshare to the HUB website as well as other partner sites.

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    K4Health's Photoshare and the mHealth Alliance's HUB mean more access and more sharing.

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    BSR HERproject

    Business for Social Responsibility's HERproject links multinational companies and factories to local NGOs with workplace programs that increase women’s health awareness.

    Partnerships, like the recent one with BSR’s HERproject, extend the reach and impact of Photoshare images. HERproject is an initiative of BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) linking multinational companies and factories to local NGOs with workplace programs that increase women’s health awareness. HERproject is active in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. HERproject is supported by the Levi Strauss Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

    The partnership places Photoshare images directly into the HERproject Toolbuilder. That means users can create customized posters and flipcharts with Photoshare images!

    The Toolbuilder is a free interactive tool designed for health educators to create training materials for peer-to-peer education of factory and farm workers in developing countries. It offers a step-by-step approach for selecting topic and country specific content. These refinement features mirror the selection process for users within Photoshare, providing important editorial control and safeguards for ensuring fair use.

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    Mother and Daughter in India

    In Rajasthan, India, 25-year-old Channa holds her 14-month-old daughter Kiran. With the help of local NGOs, Channa averted Kiran's fate as a child bride.

    © 2011 Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press, Courtesy of Photoshare

    As Photoshare announces the winners of its 2012 photography contest, it is also rolling out some powerful new features that have been contributed back to the open source community.

    Contest Winners

    A striking image of a young mother—who, with the help of a local NGO, averted her daughter's early marriage—is the Best-of-Show winner of the contest, which was held in partnership with HIFA2015. View the winning photos and honorable mentions at

    The contest was open for entries from September 21-December 17, 2012. During that time the collection received over 2,500 submissions and published 2,167 of them--boosting Photoshare's total by more than 10% in just three months (browse all published images from the contest). The collection offers over 21,000 images, freely available for nonprofit and educational use thanks to the support of USAID.

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    Attention, photography enthusiasts!

    I’m thrilled to announce the 2012 Photoshare Photo Contest! This contest, now in its 8th year, is a popular international event mobilizing amateur and professional photographers to share their photos for charitable and educational use. Contest entries are eligible for a top prize of $1,000 USD. The deadline for submitting photos is December 17, 2012. Entries are accepted through Photoshare's Upload Photos submission form.

    This year we’re continuing our invaluable partnership with HIFA2015 (Healthcare Information For All by 2015) through our featured category, Healthcare Providers. This partnership spotlights the critical role of health professionals working to improve the availability and use of healthcare information in developing countries.  In addition to cash prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, participants submitting entries to the featured Healthcare Providers category are also eligible for an additional cash prize, the HIFA2015 Photography Award.