PHE program design

  • HoPE-LVB Interactive Toolkit

    The HoPE-LVB toolkit is a unique collection of resources that has been developed to promote “a complete status of well-being” of individuals and families by converging activities related to the three sectors of population, health and environment. The HoPE-LVB toolkit has been developed using the lessons learned and best practices from the project in the hope that this PHE approach to sustainable development will be adopted on a wider scale not only in East Africa but in other areas of the world.

  • Blog post
    PHE Voices: Stories and Lessons Learned from Four Diverse Settings

    Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) experts from The Philippines, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and the Lake Victoria Basin share stories from the field. Photo credit: Meagan Harrison, courtesy of Photoshare.

    The Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) approach addresses the relationship between human health and environmental health in order to improve primary health care services, conserving biodiversity and natural resources, and develop sustainable livelihoods. When development issues are addressed together, communities thrive.