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    Source: The Flying Doctors Photo Collection, 2014. Rural Road Rescue

    Source: The Flying Doctors Photo Collection, 2014. Rural Road Rescue.

    How can we improve health and lower the number of preventable deaths in Africa?

    In the 2015 Gates Annual Letter, Bill and Melinda Gates predicted that better health “will be driven by innovation in technology—ranging from new vaccines and hardier crops to much cheaper smartphones and tablets—and by innovations that help deliver those things to more people.”

    I agree: The potential for new technology to revolutionize and disrupt current models of healthcare delivery is enormous. However, from my experience working in the medical field in Africa, I know that existing healthcare tools, if better utilized, could start saving lives there today. These may not be as thrilling as the latest app or gadget, but they have enormous potential if used correctly. In its own way, that’s pretty exciting. 

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    Do you ever feel like a fraud?


    Instagram photo courtesy of SwitchPoint

    Not the kind who swindles the vulnerable out of their hard-earned savings or phishes for credit card digits online, but the kind who presents herself more authoritatively than she should? Masquerading as an expert?

    Or is it just me?

    An article in The Atlantic last month on the confidence gap suggests that success has just as much to do with confidence as with competence. And the tendency to underplay or question our credentials and skills is more familiar to women than men.  

    As it happens, I read this article right before attending IntraHealth International’s annual SwitchPoint event last week.