• Bangladesh HIV/AIDS communication challenges and strategies

    Bangladesh is in a precarious position in relation to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Rates are currently low compared to the rest of the South Asian region, and the disease is relatively confined to small, highrisk populations – mainly injection drug users (IDUs) and commercial sex workers. Yet if steps are not taken quickly to keep the epidemic in check, it could easily spread to the general population as it has in other countries nearby. This would both increase the negative impact of HIV/AIDS and make it much harder to target for containment.

    The situation of HIV/AIDS throughout the world is gradually becoming alarming. Many countries have already taken different effective measures to tackle this incurable disease. But unfortunately we and our government are still oblivious towards the threat of HIV/AIDS. A large number of people of our country even do not know what HIV/AIDS is, and therefore this low level of awareness among our people could be proven more threatening. This paper explains HIV/AIDS in detail and also discusses the situation of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh.
  • MTV and Durex Are in a Relationship

    MTV and Durex Are in a Relationship

  • BIPAI Teen Club Life Skills Curricula

    A life skills curriculum for adolescent HIV psychosocial peer support created for the Malawi Teen Club program of the Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI). Part 1 presents background information, programmatic tools, and health education content.  Part 2 presents activity lesson plans.