Senegal Health Information Needs Assessment

Project Duration: February 2010–November 2011 for needs assessment

Partners: FHI 360, Measurement, Learning & Evaluation Project for the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative, USAID, Department of Reproductive Health/Ministry of Health, and national Reproductive Health task force

Strategies for generating and accessing evidence-based information to improve health are limited in Senegal. K4Health undertook two activities in Senegal: (1) a qualitative assessment of health information needs in three regions between February and April 2010, and (2) the creation of a national reproductive health website based on the K4Health Toolkit platform.

Needs Assessment Objectives and Findings

The health information needs assessment aimed to:

  • document current systems and resources for managing health information in Senegal;
  • identify the needs for strengthening these systems;
  • describe the experience of networks with transferring and sharing information;
  • document and analyze issues related to the use of family planning and reproductive health information; and
  • propose a plan to strengthen access to and use of health information.

Key findings from the assessment include:

  • a need for information at the operational level that shares insights into motivations for behavior change and cultural perspectives on family planning;
  • a high value placed on face-to-face meetings; and
  • a desire for more information about male involvement at all levels of the health system.

In November 2011, K4Health shared findings from the needs assessment at a national dissemination workshop.

Up-to-Date Information on the National Reproductive Health Website

In mid-2010 K4Health met with Ministry of Health officials to discuss solutions for addressing the needs of health professionals for locally relevant, up-to-date, evidence-based, practical information on sexual and reproductive health and family planning. The Department of Reproductive Health/Ministry of Health and K4Health co-sponsored a two-day workshop, where participants including the national reproductive health task force drafted content for a national reproductive health website. In November 2011, the Department of Reproductive Health launched this new content on its website. K4Health is currently working with the Department of Reproductive Health to include Senegal-specific publications on the website.

Senegal Health Information Needs Assessment

Senegal Needs Assessment: Key Findings

Evaluation des Besoins d'Information en Matière de Santé au Sénégal: Rapport Final de Knowledge for Health