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    Posted on: March 08, 2018

    Today’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Reality? Contraceptives that Reliably Eliminate Menses

    As contraceptive product developers, we should support development of contraceptive options that rapidly ... should support development of contraceptive options that rapidly and reliably eliminate bleeding to offer ... in the Western world. And, my FHI 360 colleagues, currently working on acceptability research in sub-Saharan ...

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    Posted on: October 15, 2013

    New eLearning Courses on Early Childhood Development for Vulnerable Populations

    child has a strong beginning! Related Countries:  Africa, Sub-Saharan Global Colleen Farrell Tags:  ... New eLearning Courses on Early Childhood Development for Vulnerable Populations Blog Series:  ... module eLearning certificate program on Early Childhood Development (ECD) for vulnerable populations ...

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    Posted on: April 02, 2013

    A New Primer on Sustaining mHealth Interventions

    , North Africa, Sub-Saharan Pamela Riley Tags:  mHealth ... recognition of the enormous opportunity for its application to development challenges, few m-enabled solutions ... profitably at scale with base of the pyramid (BOP) populations.  In the study, twelve m-enabled businesses ...

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    Posted on: August 08, 2013

    International Youth Day—The Future is Now

    in sub-Saharan Africa where according to a recent article in Contraception, “ Meeting the need: youth and family ... planning in sub-Saharan Africa,” by Ndola Prata, Karen Weidert, Amita Sreenivas, the current state ... sub-Saharan countries—Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Uganda, and Zambia—family planning services will need ...

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    Posted on: May 14, 2013

    Two New PEPFAR eLearning Courses on Key Populations

    programming best practices for key populations as well as develop robust systems to effectively monitor ... and circumstances of different population sub-groups. Key populations are  distinct sub-groups within the general ... , it is essential to include members of that population in the development process. It is equally important ...

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    Posted on: July 05, 2017

    Buttressing the Evolving Landscape for Family Planning Advocacy

    countries, most in sub-Saharan Africa. Advocates developed the resources to use at commune, district, state, ... for Family Planning Policy PACE Subnational Toolkit A collage of the reports included in PACE's ... Subnational Toolkit. Date Taken:  Monday, July 3, 2017 Enable Zoom:  Many governments are changing the way ...

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    Posted on: April 24, 2018

    Success Story: eLearning Platform Fosters a New Career in Public Health

            Related Countries:  Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan ... of the Community Development Service group about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In NYSC, ... eHealth finally made sense. While at university, I was thinking about doing an NYSC Community Development ...

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    Posted on: November 02, 2017

    Moving Population, Health, & Environment Forward in East Africa

    Moving Population, Health, & Environment Forward in East Africa Blog Series:  Linking Family ... Planning and Global Development David Johnson at the PHE Symposium David presented on the Margaret Pyke ... Enable Zoom:  For two days in September 2017, Population, Health, & Environment (PHE) project ...

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    Posted on: July 31, 2012

    2012 World Population Data Sheet Focuses on Noncommunicable Diseases and the “Demographic Divide”

    of death in all regions of the world except sub-Saharan Africa. Even in sub-Saharan Africa, NCDs will ... rates between less developed and more developed countries. Nearly all future population growth will ... population at the time) lived in less developed countries, by 2050, more than 8 billion people (roughly 86 ...

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    Posted on: January 15, 2016

    West Africa’s Family Planning Momentum: A Q&A with IntraHealth’s Pape Gaye

    development, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa—that’s going to be a big positive factor. If countries do ... progress, sub-Saharan Africa is enjoying some progress. It’s the only continent in the world that has ... and South Africa in terms of just about every development indicator, including those relating ...