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    Posted on: August 28, 2014

    Development and Implementation Process

    that address issues of interest that relate to the purpose of the Transformative Tools. Planning meetings were ... to Transformative Tools’ activities and concepts, the attendance reporting forms for each toolkit were tailored ... Development of the Transformative Tools Each of the Transformative Tools was developed using ...

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    Posted on: August 09, 2012 - Archived Toolkit

    Logistics and Procurement Guides

    and gaps for procuring the required commodities, and (3) planning procurements and shipment delivery ... A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement, USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 2008 This guide ... schedules to ensure a sustained and effective supply of health commodities. Procurement Capacity Toolkit ...

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    Posted on: November 16, 2018

    Global Evidence

    Throughout the Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit, users will find resources, tools, and reports that synthesize ... and apply the best available evidence to practice.   The Global Evidence section gathers the key sources ... area for rapid reference in developing rationale and plans to implement the seven policy actions.  ...

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    Posted on: December 14, 2011


    information gaps. What is the purpose of this toolkit? This toolkit contains resources to help ... infant and young child nutrition and family planning (MIYCN-FP) services.  Who developed this toolkit ... •Program managers will find information and tools to help them design, plan, implement, and scale up ...

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    Posted on: November 16, 2018

    Country Experiences and Tools

    of the Toolkit gathers reports, case studies, documents, and resources developed at the country level ...   The Breastfeeding Advocacy Toolkit provides advocates at all levels, including international, ... national, and community leaders, with the information and tools they need to make the case ...

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    Posted on: June 05, 2014

    Understanding the context through a situation analysis: formative research

    picture of a community’s reality. Research may be required to fill in gaps and gather more information ... and develop a problem statement. Tools for presenting gathered information about causes and effects, people ... review of available literature will help to identify what is known about a particular behavior and gaps ...

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    Posted on: November 17, 2010

    Evaluate the Potential Costs

    consideration when planning for implementation. As a program manager, you will need to gather data to assess ... the costs of each phase of implementation including engaging stakeholders and planning the intervention, ... preparing for service delivery and implementing and evaluating the new program. This tab provides tools ...

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    Posted on: January 02, 2013

    TANMIA Strategic Planning Tool

    tools. TANMIA also serves as the supportive basis of the current planning process by linking the goals’ ... that are tied to goals. It gathers, monitors, and analyzes program data. It also evaluates the effectiveness ... TANMIA tool was designed to support decision-making at the local and national levels by providing ...

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    Posted on: March 25, 2010

    Program Costs

    of the toolkit provides tools to help program managers collect, synthesize, and analyze costing data so ... The costs of executing and sustaining a CBFP program are an important consideration when planning ... family planning method that becomes available to most of the population. CBFP programs expand access ...

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    Posted on: October 22, 2012 - Archived Toolkit

    Phase II: Planning for Demonstration and Scale-Up

    tools that have proven useful in carrying out comparable changes. Identify and plan for linkages ... a practice that best meets their needs, make any necessary adaptations, plan the details of a pilot test ... and analyze relevant effective prac­tices from this or other settings. This step helps the team confirm ...