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    Posted on: June 21, 2010


    operated in Rwanda since 2002, initially studying the introduction of the Standard Days Method® (SDM ... the research-to-practice-to-scale model in Rwanda The AWARENESS Project began introduction studies of the SDM in October 2002, ... the country. In 2008, IRH/Rwanda undertook a facility assessment to assess the effectiveness of scaling ...

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    Posted on: March 13, 2019


    — designed and supported the introduction and integration of the Standard Days Method (SDM), an effective ... period. Integrating SDM in Services Building Capacity for SDM Services: An assessment of FWD’s FP program ... helped stakeholders determine the program’s capacity to incorporate SDM in the method mix and design ...

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    Posted on: March 26, 2010

    Policies and Guidelines

    The Standard Days Method ® (SDM) is incorporated into family planning norms and policies in 16 ... standard in population-based surveys. In surveys of Rwanda, Peru and the Philippines, SDM is considered- ... professionals also includes SDM as a modern method. The DHS conducted by ICF Macro are the international ...

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    Posted on: March 26, 2010

    Country Experiences

    that are practiced in over 30 countries around the world. The Standard Days Method (SDM) is the first fertility ... of family planning- the Standard Days Method ®, TwoDay Method ®, and   Lactational Amenorrhea Method  - ... awareness-based family planning method to be widely offered in public sector programs. The SDM is also ...

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    Posted on: May 04, 2010

    Example National Norms and Guidelines which include the SDM

    The Standard Days Method ® has been introduced in 30 countries worldwide, and integrated ... into the national norms and guidelines of 16 countries. See examples from Kenya, Mali, Nicaragua and Peru below. ...

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    Posted on: June 04, 2010

    Programmatic Framework for the Standard Days Method

    Standard Days Method ®  (SDM) Programmatic Framework The successful integration of the Standard ... Days Method ®  (SDM) requires preparation and follow-through. Decisions need to be made about where ... services. Determine who will monitor the impact of SDM services in the short- and long-term.   Logistics ...

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    Posted on: June 18, 2010


    to this method.   FAM Project accomplishments in India Jharkhand Ministry of Health to Scale Up SDM and LAM, ... of Jharkhand Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to scale up the Standard Days Method and LAM in the state.  ... organizations to integrate two modern, effective fertility awareness-based methods (FAM)—the Standard Days ...

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    Posted on: June 19, 2013

    Policies & Guidelines

    Standard Days Method® (SDM) is incorporated into family planning norms and policies in 16 ... in these documents legitimizes the method and encourages programs to offer it. In India, SDM is included in the norms ... planning guidance documents. Inclusion of SDM and other Fertility Awareness-based Methods ...

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    Posted on: June 19, 2013

    Program Implementation

    Integrating Standard Days Method (SDM) into programs and setting it up for success requires ... of Jharkhand’s (GoJ) MOHFW was the first to scale up the method by integrating the SDM as part of the public ... systems and was offered alongside other methods within the context of informed choice. The SDM was scaled ...

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    Posted on: March 24, 2011 - Archived Toolkit

    Scaling-up Bibliography

    “Systems approach to monitoring and evaluation guides scale up of the Standard Days Method of family ... practices for scale-up: A prospective case study of Standard Days Method® integration,” The FAM Project, ... in Scale-up Decisions." Social Impact Exchange at Growth Philanthropy Network. MDRC, New York. Barker P, ...