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    Posted on: June 09, 2014 - This site (K4Health)

    Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities

    offers practical guidance for managing the supply chain, with an emphasis on health commodities. ... English French Spanish Pages:  Logistics System Design & Supply Chain Management Organization:  USAID ... Groups audience:  Family Planning Logistics Toolkit The Logistics Handbook, updated in 2011, ...

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    Posted on: November 14, 2017 - This site (K4Health)

    PMA2016/Ethiopia: Implant Use and Removal In Ethiopia Memo

    Groups audience:  Implants Toolkit This 3-page memo presents findings from survey questions ... on implant use and removal from data collected by PMA2020 in Ethiopia between March and April 2016. Survey ... questions focused on the quality of counseling and accessibility of implant removal services, and were ...

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    Posted on: October 06, 2016 - This site (K4Health)

    K4Health Contraceptive Security Toolkit

    needs an uninterrupted supply of a variety of contraceptives so that clients can choose and use ... decision-makers measure a country's level of contraceptive security and tools that help program managers plan ... throughout the supply chain. Languages:  English Pages:  Contraceptive Security Organization:  K4Health Year ...

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    Posted on: October 16, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Contraceptive Logistics

    Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for Supply Chain Managers in Family Planning and Health Programs ... Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities. Arlington, Va.: USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, ... contraceptives and the operation of the supply chain is essential. Key Contraceptive Logistics Resources: ...

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    Posted on: November 10, 2017 - This site (K4Health)

    Client-Centered Conditions for Ensuring Access to Quality Implant Removal

    Groups audience:  Implants Toolkit This framework presents eight standards, or conditions, ... that clients using contraceptive implants are able to have them removed with quality, when desired. File:  ... considered necessary for the provision of quality implant removal services.  Family planning programs ...

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    Posted on: September 14, 2017 - This site (K4Health)

    Community-Based Family Planning

    assessed the effects of Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) providing implants on contraceptive ... clinical contraceptive methods—largely, injectables and implants—in arm’s reach of women and girls, ... is high. Managing the policy advocacy process: Drug shops’ provision of injectable contraception in Uganda ...

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    Posted on: May 23, 2016 - This site (K4Health)

    Quantification of Health Commodities: A Guide to Forecasting and Supply Planning for Procurement

    Groups audience:  Quantification of Public Health Commodities Toolkit This practical guide ... It is intended for technical advisors, program managers, procurement officers, warehouse managers, service ... commodities, will also find this guide useful for using the output from the quantification to support ...

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    Posted on: January 18, 2018 - This site (K4Health)

    Contraceptive Technology Innovation

    done around the world to support innovations in contraceptive technologies. Do you have photos ... Council (New York, New York, U.S.A.) “To Laos, the implant was a completely new method, and the women had ... not enough just providing an implant. The women come back because they are not fully aware of the side ...

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    Posted on: October 09, 2012 - This site (K4Health)

    The Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities

    offers practical guidance in managing the supply chain, with an emphasis on health commodities. ... Groups audience:  Avian & Pandemic Influenza Resources for Indonesia Toolkit This handbook ... This handbook will be particularly useful for program managers who design, manage, and assess logistics systems ...

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    Posted on: November 17, 2011 - This site (K4Health) - Archived Toolkit

    Reengineering Public Health Supply Chains for Improved Performance: Guide for Applying Supply Chain Segmentation Framework

    Groups audience:  Human Resources in Health (HRH) Toolkit Public health supply chains are not only ... with the growing complexities. Supply chain segmentation offers a good solution for managers who want to streamline ... and consolidate program-specific supply chains, and who also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all ...