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    Posted on: February 11, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Family Planning References and Resources

    /toolkits/communitybasedfp/social-marketing-guides KEY FP COUNSELING RESOURCES Postpartum Family Planning for Community Health Workers (ACCESS-FP, ... 2010). /toolkits/ppfp/postpartum-family-planning-community-health-workers Counseling for Effective Use ... Community-Based Family Planning Toolkit (K4Health, 2012): /toolkits/communitybasedfp Basics of Community Based ...

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    Posted on: October 22, 2015 - This site (K4Health)

    K4Health Products

    and development images for communications A young mother receives family planning counseling at a local government ... October 17, 2015 Enable Zoom:  mHealth is the use of mobile information and communication technologies ... Planning is a comprehensive set of  materials designed to support up-to-date training on family planning ...

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    Posted on: April 06, 2016 - This site (K4Health)

    K4Health Is Using Interactive Voice Response Technology to Train Kenya’s Health Workforce on Family Planning

    on Family Planning Blog Series:  mHealth These days, many of us are glued to our mobile phones. We use them ... capability of mobile technology, K4Health is implementing a program in Kitui, Kenya, to support refresher ... which requires participants to answer 20 questions on family planning methods and counseling correctly ...

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    Posted on: December 14, 2015 - This site (K4Health)

    The Light of Knowledge: A Family Planning Counseling App for Community Health Workers in India

    The Light of Knowledge: A Family Planning Counseling App for Community Health Workers in India ... with several resources to use during family planning counseling sessions with their clients, including ... The ASHA is able to bolster her knowledge of family planning and improve her counseling skills through ...

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    Posted on: September 05, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Early Evidence: Videos can improve health behaviors

    technology, how their status is elevated in communities from use of the netbooks, and how important health ... with an eToolkit of BCC materials for counseling, and eight eLearning video courses designed to improve health ... and family planning field worker knowledge and skills. While we have yet to complete our post assessment, ...

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    Posted on: September 25, 2017 - This site (K4Health)

    A Few of Our Favorite Family Planning Resources

    organizations we respect as trusted family planning experts. For Health Care Providers Cue Cards for Counseling ... set of cue cards for counseling adolescents. Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers (USAID, ... on contraceptive methods, and a useful resource for policy makers as they develop national family planning service ...

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    Posted on: November 27, 2012 - This site (K4Health)

    Trained, High-Performing Family Planning Providers

    services, and work with the private sector. (See K4Health’s Community-Based Family Planning Toolkit.) ... Good-quality family planning services require a strong human resource system, a supportive ... eligibility for contraceptive methods Offering client-centered family planning services Counseling clients ...

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    Posted on: November 07, 2017 - This site (K4Health)

    First-Mile Family Planning Can Help More Women Avoid Unintended Pregnancies

    Community-Based Family Planning Closer-to-community care can help potential contraception users overcome a number ... to family planning services. Closer-to-community care can help potential contraception users overcome ... a number of challenges, including time, distance, and money. But community-based family planning ...

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    Posted on: February 28, 2012 - This site (K4Health)

    About K4Health

    as a community health worker uses an interactive audio/visual mobile phone-based health application to counsel ... and platforms to support family planning efforts worldwide. Using knowledge management approaches  to strengthen ... A pregnant woman's mother-in-law watches as a community health worker uses an interactive ...

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    Posted on: February 18, 2015 - This site (K4Health)


    planning counseling, and the benefits of family planning. New modules are added every few months, ... to the mHealth planning process for anyone interested in integrating mobile technology into health programs ... including using online discussion forums and communities of practice to support knowledge sharing, capturing ...