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    Posted on: February 28, 2013

    File sharing

    to connect to Wi-Fi in order to use Skydrive on his/her phone   Files:  Download the PDF version of this page ... the same location to store documents. This list will help you decide on the most appropriate file sharing ... system for your organization/project. Name Use in KM Cost (in USD) Pros Cons DropBox DropBox allows users ...

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    Posted on: September 28, 2012

    Taking Health Systems Innovations to Scale: From Good Ideas to Greater Health Impact

    Taking Health Systems Innovations to Scale: From Good Ideas to Greater Health Impact Jonathan D. ... Quick, MD, MPH of Management Sciences for Health (MSH) talks about health systems innovations ... gap between knowledge and action in global health. Image for Heath Systems Blog Frieda Komba, ...

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    Posted on: November 13, 2014

    Summary of Findings: District Rapid Assessments

    and gathering information to help SMP plan activities File:  2smp_rda_summary_of_findings.pdf (613.48k) ... Languages:  English Pages:  Health Systems Strengthening Annual Workplans Organization:  Stop Malaria Project ...

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    Posted on: April 03, 2012

    Strengthening Health Systems: Key Findings from an Information Needs Assessment in Uttar Pradesh, India

    and weaknesses of the health information system in the state, and to identify priority issues and suggest ... potential solutions. See also: Full Report K4Health India Synopsis.pdf Knowledge Management for Public ...

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    Posted on: May 03, 2019

    Regulatory Assessment: Learning about Expanded Access and Potential of the Levonorgestrel Intrauterine System (LEAP LNG-IUS)

    are presented in this report.  File:  Assessment: Word (3.15M) Appendix: Excel (71.42k) Languages:  English ...

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    Posted on: March 11, 2014 - Archived Toolkit

    Guide to Fostering Change PDF

    Files:  guide_to_fostering_change.pdf ...

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    Posted on: March 26, 2019

    June 2019 Course: Knowledge Management for Effective Global Health Programs

    at the general Johns Hopkins non-degree registration system, choosing "Summer Institute in Health Behavior ...

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    Posted on: May 22, 2019

    Product Registration: Pro Tips for Program Managers

    efforts, public sector tenders, marketing, distribution, and pharmacovigilance. Establish systems ... of the regulatory authority. Establishing robust pharmacovigilance systems is key for maintaining compliance. ...

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    Posted on: September 06, 2012 - Archived Toolkit


    Available in English, French, and Spanish. Files:  A Forecasting Guide for New and Underused ... Methods 1st Edition 2012.pdf FRENCH_Forecasting Guide for Underused Methods 1st Edition 2012.pdf ... SPANISH_Forecasting Guide for Underused Methods 1st Edition 2012.pdf ...

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    Posted on: May 13, 2019

    Technical Meeting: What’s Next with the LNG-IUS?

    Groups audience:  IUD Toolkit The levonorgestrel intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) is one of the most ... intrauterine devices (IUDs). File:  English (2.09M) Languages:  English Pages:  Essential Knowledge ...