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    Posted on: March 12, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Malawi's Health Surveillance Agent Program Katsulukuta A. “Malawi: Making use of community health workers to improve coverage – opportunities ... temporarily to deal with urgent situations. As part of the national move towards a Primary Health Care (PHC) ... Hospital Associatoin of Malawi (CHAM), and NGOs. Retention Strategies Beyond the senior HSA position ...

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    Posted on: October 31, 2014 - This site (K4Health)

    Regles d'Or Pour Une Bonne Utilisation Des Moustiquaires

    :  2._golden_rules_of_bednet_maintenance_poster2.pdf (423.5k) Languages:  French Tags:  Senegal Bednets LLIN net use Pages:  Net Use All Senegal ... Resources Organization:  NetWorks Senegal Group content visibility:  Use group defaults Bundle External ... Groups audience:  NetWorks Country Resources Golden Rule guide for using mosquito nets File ...

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    Posted on: November 07, 2014 - This site (K4Health)

    Fanta, Kader, Waly et le Paludisme Comic Strip

    File:  fanta_kader_waly_et_le_paludisme_comic_strip.pdf (40.4M) Languages:  French Pages:  Behavior ... Groups audience:  NetWorks Country Resources French-language comic strip for malaria in Senegal ... Change Communication Print All Senegal Resources Organization:  Senegal National Malaria Control Program ...

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    Posted on: February 25, 2011 - This site (K4Health)

    Formation des Relais Communautaire: Une Guide pour les Formateurs

    réalisation des stratégie de la couverture universelle.     File:  manual.pdf (174.42k) Languages:  English ... Organization:  Peace Corps/Senegal Year of Publication:  2 010 Length:  31 pages Group content visibility:  Use ... group defaults ...

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    Posted on: April 02, 2014 - This site (K4Health)

    HIV &Transgender Identity – Towards Inclusion and Autonomy

    File:  hiv_and_transgender_identity_-_towards_inclusion_and_autonomy.pdf (229.89k) Languages:  English ... Length:  5 pages Group content visibility:  Use group defaults Bundle External Resources:  No ...

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    Posted on: October 30, 2009 - This site (K4Health) - Archived Toolkit

    Towards Attaining Food Security: Integrating Population Issues with Coastal Resource Management Initiatives

    and addressing local issues such as food security. File:  t14_PFPI_ad-path_bohol.pdf (253.28k) Languages:  ... Philippines Inc. [PFPI] Length:  pp. 2 Group content visibility:  Use group defaults ...

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    Posted on: December 12, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Life 101 and Begtera Pretest

    implementation and distribution of the Life 101: the Journey cartoon and photo comic book series and the Begtera ... if the materials developed were understood, liked and culturally appropriate. File:  Pretest document with answers ... 1 (129.5k) Pretest document with answers 2 (226.5k) Languages:  Amharic Pages:  Life 101: the Journey- Addis ...

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    Posted on: July 20, 2012 - This site (K4Health)

    Transforming eHealth with eLearning

    strategies and discuss the barriers they face in their eHealth programs. Mindful of the wide range ... Transforming eHealth with eLearning It’s always exciting to see how the rapidly evolving use ... to improve eHealth standards across borders.  By sharing information, healthcare stakeholders aim to foster ...

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    Posted on: July 03, 2012 - This site (K4Health)

    Strategi dan Rencana Aksi Nasional Penanganan Flu Burung pada Burung Liar di Indonesia (Strategy and National Action for AI Management in Wild Birds)

    provides a strategy and action plan for AI management in wild birds in Indonesia. FileStrategy ... and National Action for AI Management in Wild Birds_sm.pdf (11.97M) Languages:  English Pages:  Strategy ... defaults ...

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    Posted on: May 31, 2013 - This site (K4Health)

    Pourquoi une stratégie de communication? (Why have a communication strategy?)

    (F&E) File:  Porquoi un strategie 15-06-51.pdf (1.47M) Languages:  French Pages:  IEC and Mass Media ... defaults ...