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    Posted on: September 22, 2016

    Senegal’s Journey Toward an eHealth Strategy: Highlights from the Development Process

    Senegal eHealth Strategy report cover Download " Senegal's Journey Toward an eHealth ... to inform the work of those involved in similar efforts. En français Senegal’s Journey Toward an eHealth ... Strategy " Date Taken:  Thursday, September 22, 2016 Enable Zoom:  In 2014, the Senegal Ministry ...

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    Posted on: March 30, 2012

    Senegal National eHealth Strategy and Registry

    and work toward a shared vision. Support for Senegal National eHealth Strategy and Registry With support ... eHealth Sub-Committee--> Background In Senegal, eHealth is at an exciting yet formative stage. A number ... the development of the national eHealth strategy and launch of a national eHealth registry. K4Health’s efforts ...

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    Posted on: October 31, 2014

    Trois Toutes (3T) Distribution Site Branding

    Groups audience:  NetWorks Country Resources LLIN distribution site signage File ... :  3._3t_distribution_site_branding1.pdf (107.09k) Languages:  French Pages:  Behavior Change Communication Print Net Distribution All ... Senegal Resources Organization:  NetWorks Senegal Group content visibility:  Use group defaults Bundle ...

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    Posted on: January 25, 2013

    Strategic Communication for Health in Bangladesh

    Vanessa Mitchell encouraged participants to be creative and collaborative in their approach toward ...

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    Posted on: October 29, 2016

    eHealth Inventory (till 2014)

    eHealth material (as of 2014) File:  bangladesh_ehealth_inventory_report.pdf (1003.75k) Languages:  ... Year of Publication:  2 014 Length:  8 pages Group content visibility:  Public- accessible to all site ...

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    Posted on: September 08, 2015

    New Registry Reveals eHealth Happenings in Senegal’s Own Back Yard

    this headed? Although it’s a story still unfolding, the eHealth Strategy of Senegal is being finalized ... New Registry Reveals eHealth Happenings in Senegal’s Own Back Yard Blog Series:  mHealth A meeting ... in Senegal become unruly, the planning effort was meant to guide, harmonize, and nourish eHealth activities. ...

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    Posted on: November 02, 2010

    Journey of Hope Guide 2009 Chichewa

    Groups audience:  Malawi HIV/AIDS Toolkit Journey of Hope Guide, Chichewa FileJourney of Hope ... Guide 2009 Chichewa.pdf (14.15M) Languages:  English Pages:  Journey of Hope User's Guide ... Organization:  USAID Year of Publication:  2 009 Length:  97 Group content visibility:  Use group defaults ...

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    Posted on: September 09, 2013

    Towards the Development of an mHealth Strategy: A Literature Review

    provides an overview of mHealth as a domain within eHealth and key strategic learning that ought ... group defaults Bundle External Resources:  No ...

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    Posted on: February 06, 2017

    Journey of Success Training Guide

    Safari Ya Mafanikio (journey of Success) Master Trainers Guide.  Files ... :  trainersguideand_kit2pdf.pdf ...

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    Posted on: November 03, 2014

    Journey of Hope

    Groups audience:  BRIDGE II Project Toolkit Journey Filejourney_of_hope.pdf (40.48M) ... living_positively_stories.pdf (3.57M) journey_of_hope_success_story.pdf (173.03k) ... hope_kit_revised_attendance_form-_october_2012_final_final.pdf (58.69k) journey_of_hope_tot_training_report.pdf (668.37k) (2.39M) Languages:  ...