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    Posted on: August 30, 2018

    SMART Storytelling for Advocacy

    Communications expert Harshi Hettige presents on the rationale and techniques for using stories in advocacy in this webinar co-hosted by K4Health, AFP, and IYAFP as part of the Digital Storytelling for Change series. hhettige_k4health_iyafp_webinar_aug_29 ...

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    Posted on: July 05, 2018

    One Investment, Many Returns: The Economic Benefits of Family Planning

    Family planning not only has the potential to improve health; it has the power to transform economies. Investing in expanding access to voluntary family planning contributes to better economic outcomes for households, communities, and nations. Out of all ...

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    Posted on: May 12, 2016

    FP Voices Press Kit

    FP Voices encourages journalists to use the stories with permission. This complete press kit includes the "what, who, and why" of Family Planning Voices, and answers most questions about using and sharing these stories. FP Voices Press Kit FP ...

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    Posted on: February 28, 2016

    Family Planning Voices Storytelling Toolkit

    K4Health and Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) created Family Planning Voices in 2015 to document and share real stories from people around the world who are passionate about family planning. Since then, the FPVoices photoblog has featured hundreds of stories ...

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    Posted on: February 24, 2016

    IntraHealth International Contributes to Photoshare

    Alfredo Fort implementation story Date Taken:  Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Enable Zoom:  Dr. Alfredo Fort, former Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at IntraHealth International, has contributed more than 200 photos from 22 countries to Photoshare. ...