What Makes a Successful Family Planning Partnership? Experiences from the Costed Implementation Plan Resource Kit


Anne Ballard Sara

CCP | Program Officer II

Brittany Goetsch

CCP | Program Officer I

Tilly Gurman

CCP | Senior Research and Evaluation Officer

Knowledge partnerships bring together key stakeholders to achieve a common goal through the exchange, generation, adaptation, and/or synthesis of knowledge. Partnerships, including knowledge partnerships, play a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and it is therefore important to understand factors that facilitate or hinder such partnerships’ effectiveness and efficiency.

K4Health conducted a qualitative study to assess the components that facilitated or hindered a knowledge partnership for family planning—the Costed Implementation Plan (CIP) Resource Kit— and its perceived outcomes. Components that facilitated success included accountability, clear roles, dedication, integrity, trust, dependability, competence, and respect/recognition. Components that hindered success included time and resources.

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