Assessing the Effects of a Storytelling Initiative: Results of the Family Planning Voices Evaluation (Phase I)


Rupali J. Limaye

(Formerly) CCP | Research Director

Anne Ballard Sara

CCP | Program Officer II

Launched in 2015, Family Planning Voices has featured more than 500 people from more than 60 countries, and continues to encourage practitioners to inspire and motivate others by sharing powerful stories and insights about their work. K4Health has also given FP Voices storytelling workshops in six countries to young sexual and reproductive health professionals; knowledge management experts; and population, health, and environment stakeholders. This mixed-method study sought to explore the effect of FP Voices on workshop attendees, interviewees, interviewers, and story readers’ knowledge, attitudes, practice, and ability to share information with their social networks (i.e., to diffuse information) related to family planning. Final results show that it has not only improved knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy among its audience; it has also fostered collaboration.

CCP | K4Health