Over the last five decades, the Government of Peru and USAID have worked together to achieve dramatic improvements in the health and development outcomes of Peru. As USAID/Peru transitioned away from providing health assistance, the mission requested support from the K4Health Project to author a legacy report that captures this complex and multi-faceted story along with the development lessons learned.

Documenting USAID/Peru’s Health Portfolio

To gather the many stories that were behind USAID/Peru’s work in health, K4Health conducted a desk review of project documents, key informant interviews and focus groups, field visits to three regions, a survey with past implementers and USAID staff, and then collated quantitative data on health and development indicators from national and international databases. Through these interactions, the K4Health team identified health development “champions,” or individuals or organizations who were key to advancing health in Peru. These individuals were also interviewed and their stories highlighted.

The final report, titled “Partnering for Progress: A History of Collaboration in Health with Peru,” was published in November 2015 and documents the joint efforts of USAID and the Government of Peru in health development. The report is also available in Spanish, titled "Una Historia de 70 Años de Colaboración en Salud con el Perú."