Mozambique Literature Scan Presentation

K4Health Director, Tara Sullivan, presents the literature scan findings to the USAID Mozambique Mission


The global health community has recently turned its attention toward integration of health programs as an innovation to optimize resources and achieve greater impact. However, knowledge of the impact of and best practices for such integrated programming is limited.

Research Synthesis for HIV Integration Programming

To fill these gaps, the USAID Mozambique mission requested that K4Health conduct a literature scan to assess the bidirectional relationship between HIV outcomes and other health outcomes and the effects that HIV integration projects have on HIV/AIDS outcomes and other health outcomes related to family planning, maternal and child health, malaria, nutrition, tuberculosis, and/or water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services. K4Health reviewed and synthesized over 300 peer-reviewed articles and 68 program evaluation reports. Findings show that integrating HIV services with other health and non-health services can help meet people’s holistic needs more effectively and has the potential to provide greater value to programs and services. Results from the peer-reviewed literature and lessons learned from the gray literature will be used to inform future health programming.