Elizabeth Tully

CCP | Program Officer

Elizabeth Frazee Tully has been with the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs since 2009. In her first seven years with the K4Health Project, Elizabeth supported, and then managed, the Toolkits portfolio, consisting of more than 50 Toolkits. More recently, Elizabeth has transitioned to producing animated videos, using her creative side to highlight project success stories and focus on K4Health's key topic areas, for example the video on linking family planning and the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally in her role as Program Officer, Elizabeth supports the storytelling initiative, Family Planning Voices, manages K4Health's role as Secretariat for USAID's Postabortion Care Connection working group, leads K4Health's role on Family Planning High Impact Practices' website and online presence, and supports field work with the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (PANCAP). Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences with a minor in Communications from West Virginia University and is an avid Mountaineer fan.