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Family Planning and the Sustainable Development Goals

FP and SDGs

Family planning has a strong ripple effect across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. K4Health’s infographic is a print-friendly companion to the animated video, Family Planning: A Key to Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals, which illustrates how and why family planning is vital to our ability to meet global development challenges.

K4Health Offline Tools: A Knowledge Lifeline for Peace Corps Volunteers

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala, Kathryn Lee needed resources to help her develop a curriculum to equip local health promoters to deliver short health lessons on various topics, including family planning. During her Peace Corps training, Kathryn received a USB drive containing K4Health materials and tools, including a Guatemalan Toolkit on the Standard Days Method of contraception. Kathryn used materials from this Toolkit and others to train seven women’s groups and 60 indigenous health promoters on contraceptive methods.

La planification familiale et les Objectifs de développement durable

La planification familiale a un effet d’entraînement sur l’ensemble des 17 points des Objectifs de développement durable. La nouvelle animation de K4Health, Planification familiale : élément indispensable à la réalisation des Objectifs de développement durable, explique comment et pourquoi la planification familiale est décisive dans notre capacité à faire face aux défis de développement mondiaux, de la lutte contre la pauvreté au ralentissement du changement climatique en passant par la prévention des troubles civils.

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K4Health Toolkits: Strengthening Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services in Uganda

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) of Uganda offers critical services, including counseling clients affected by HIV and AIDS on family planning so that they can decide whether and when to have children and take measures to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child. To develop their guidance on counseling clients, TASO relied on K4Health’s collection of family planning-focused Toolkits, particularly the Community-Based Family Planning Toolkit, the Community-based Access to Injectables Toolkit, and the Family Planning and HIV Services Integration Toolkit.

Toolkits Help Filmmaker Lead Hepatitis Workshop

Caroline Murgue implementation story

Medical anthropologist Caroline Murgue uses visual media to raise awareness about health issues through her business, Bibimbap Studio Lab. She worked with PHPT, an international program in Southeast Asia focused on hepatitis prevention and treatments, to faciliate workshops on designing communications materials for Thai, Lao, and Cambodian populations. Caroline found K4Health Toolkits helpful as she prepared for the workshops.

IntraHealth International Contributes to Photoshare

Alfredo Fort implementation story

Dr. Alfredo Fort, former Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at IntraHealth International, has contributed more than 200 photos from 22 countries to Photoshare. While working as a community phyisician in Peru, Dr. Fort began using photography to document the need for health services in rural areas. He encourages other global health professionals to submit their photos to Photoshare as well.

Peace Corps Uses ALHIV Toolkit in Botswana

Erin Aggers implementation story

While working in Botswana, Peace Corps Volunteer Erin Aggers founded a club for local teens living with HIV. The club offers a safe space for adolescents to share experiences, build self-esteem, and reinforce healthy lifestyle messages. Erin's colleague recommended K4Health's Adolescents Living with HIV (ALHIV) Toolkit, which gave Erin valuable ideas and resources.

Implementation Video for K4Health/Nigeria Continuing Professional Development Project

The K4Health/Nigeria Web-Based Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE) Program sought to improve laboratory service delivery through the establishment of a comprehensive, compulsory CPD program for Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) in Nigeria. This video highlight the project’s highly collaborative partnership and the approaches that it took to achieve its goal. You will hear the story of the project’s achievements told from the viewpoint of its local partners and Medical Laboratory Scientists themselves. The project’s approach can be easily adapted to other country contexts given the need for the continued maintenance and updating of one’s skills to meet the real-time needs of emerging infectious and non-communicable diseases and the unique challenges that they pose to various cadres of health professionals.

Advocacy Video for K4Health/Nigeria Continuing Professional Development Project

Building country ownership and local capacity as well as ensuring sustainability of the K4Health/Nigeria Web-Based Continuing Medical Laboratory Education (CMLE) Program’s activities was a critical component of the project. This video highlights the role that the local partners played and was produced specifically for them to use as a promotional video to seek clients and investors for the accredited eLearning services that they now offer as a result of the project.

Understanding FP2020's Core Indicators

This data visualization compares two core indicators—number of additional users and modern contraceptive prevalence rate (mCPR)—and their effectiveness as measures of progress toward reaching the ambitious FP2020 goal. We created this data viz with the free Tableau Public software, allowing viewers to engage in several ways:

  • Interact with the viz: Click on the data in the charts to dig deeper.
  • Share the viz with your network of colleagues and friends.
  • Download the viz and the data set.