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#PHEVoices | Yilma Dellelegn

In this animated video from FPVoices, a conservation advocate from Ethiopia, Yilma Dellelegn, shares what a critically endangered bird taught him and a pastoralist community about People, Health, and the Environment.

One Investment, Many Returns: The Economic Benefits of Family Planning

Family planning not only has the potential to improve health; it has the power to transform economies. Investing in expanding access to voluntary family planning contributes to better economic outcomes for households, communities, and nations.

Out of all of the 169 targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, universal access to contraception would yield the second-highest return on investment, making it a development "best buy."

K4Health's short (3:41) video, "One Investment, Many Returns: The Economic Benefits of Family Planning," shows how.

#PHEVoices | Alem Mekonnen

In this animated video from FPVoices, Alem Mekonnen, an environmental and health advocate from Ethiopia, talks about the moment she realized the intimate connection between people, health, and the environment. 

How a Nurse-Midwife in Haiti is Harnessing Contraceptive Knowledge to Better Serve New Mothers

This 5-minute read in the Exchange (K4Health's collection on describes how Meredith Jean-Baptiste, a nurse-midwife in Haiti, uses K4Health resources in her work.


Approche du Marché Total

Un approche du marché total (AMT) à la planification familiale vise à s'appuie d’une manière efficace sur tous les ressources disponibles des secteurs de marché — public, à but non lucratif et commercial — afin d’améliorer l’accès aux produits et aux services de la planification familiale pour tous les clients. Cette nouvelle infographie introduit le concept de l’AMG et son application dans le contexte de la planification familiale. 

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Ethel Chavula Discusses Advocacy for Family Planning

Advocacy is essential to reaching the Family Planning 2020 goal of delivering contraceptives, information, and services to an additional 120 million women of reproductive age worldwide by the year 2020. In this video, Ethel Chavula of Jesus Cares Ministries discusses how she and a network of advocates successfully increased Malawi’s contraceptive budget line.

Webinar: Making Content Meaningful: How to Adapt Existing Global Health Content for Different Audiences

Learn how you can adapt openly accessible health content—from eLearning courses and multimedia resources to guidance documents and research papers—to better serve your clients and communities. The IBP Initiative joined K4Health to host this webinar, which is inspired by our recently-released content adaptation guide, Making Content Meaningful (available in English and French). Webinar speakers discuss how to make informed decisions in the content adaptation process and present two real-life case studies of content adaptation.

Total Market Approach to Family Planning

A total market approach to family planning (TMA) aims to efficiently leverage all available public, nonprofit, and commercial sector resources to improve access to family planning products and services for all clients. This new infographic introduces the concept of TMA and what it looks like in the family planning context.

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Planificación familiar: clave para alcanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

La planificación familiar crea un efecto dominó en los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Este corto video animado de K4Health muestra cómo y por qué la planificación familiar es de vital importancia para hacer frente a los desafíos del desarrollo global.

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K4Health’s Global Health eLearning Center: Where Learning Saves Lives

This 5-minute video depicts knowledge management in action. Four learners in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Sudan share real-life examples of how applying knowledge gained from Global Health eLearning Center courses has improved their service delivery and job performance. These stories offer a powerful testimonial of the impact of K4Health’s work on program managers, service providers, and their clients.