K4Health's Multimedia page showcases our videos, data visualizations, infographics, and other interactive resources.

Webinar: Making Content Meaningful: How to Adapt Existing Global Health Content for Different Audiences

Learn how you can adapt openly accessible health content—from eLearning courses and multimedia resources to guidance documents and research papers—to better serve your clients and communities. The IBP Initiative joined K4Health to host this webinar, which is inspired by our recently-released content adaptation guide, Making Content Meaningful (available in English and French). Webinar speakers discuss how to make informed decisions in the content adaptation process and present two real-life case studies of content adaptation.

Total Market Approach to Family Planning

A total market approach to family planning (TMA) aims to efficiently leverage all available public, nonprofit, and commercial sector resources to improve access to family planning products and services for all clients. This new infographic introduces the concept of TMA and what it looks like in the family planning context.

Planificación familiar: clave para alcanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

La planificación familiar crea un efecto dominó en los 17 Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Este corto video animado de K4Health muestra cómo y por qué la planificación familiar es de vital importancia para hacer frente a los desafíos del desarrollo global.

K4Health’s Global Health eLearning Center: Where Learning Saves Lives

This 5-minute video depicts knowledge management in action. Four learners in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Sudan share real-life examples of how applying knowledge gained from Global Health eLearning Center courses has improved their service delivery and job performance. These stories offer a powerful testimonial of the impact of K4Health’s work on program managers, service providers, and their clients.

La gestion des connaissances: le renforcement des services de santé, à sauver des vies

Lorsque les practiciens en santé mondiale utilisent la gestion des connaissances pour mener à bien leurs travaux, les systèmes de santé fonctionnent beaucoup mieux et les clients reçoivent de meilleures soins. Au bout du compte, la bonne gestion des connaissances contribue à vivre plus longtemps, plus heureux, et en meilleure santé. La bonne nouvelle est que beaucoup d'entre nous pratiquent déjà la gestion des connaissances chaque jour. Regardez notre nouvelle animation pour voir et savoir comment nous pouvons être plus intentionnels et systématiques dans nos pratiques de gestion des connaissances afin de renforcer les services et améliorer la vie.

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: The Role of Pregnancy Tests in Increasing Access to Family Planning

A new video developed in collaboration with K4Health and the USAID Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact highlights the important role that simple, inexpensive pregnancy tests can play in increasing access to same-day provision of family planning services. Results from a recent project completed by FHI 360 in Kenya, Mali, and Malawi in partnership with Marie Stopes International with funding from the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition's Innovation Fund are highlighted, and were also presented during a webinar held earlier in 2016. Both explore how pregnancy tests complement the Pregnancy Checklist, a tool developed by FHI 360 that has been endorsed by the WHO and USAID, and adopted by more than a dozen countries.

Family Planning and the Sustainable Development Goals

FP and SDGs

Family planning has a strong ripple effect across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. K4Health’s infographic is a print-friendly companion to the animated video, Family Planning: A Key to Unlocking the Sustainable Development Goals, which illustrates how and why family planning is vital to our ability to meet global development challenges.

K4Health Offline Tools: A Knowledge Lifeline for Peace Corps Volunteers

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala, Kathryn Lee needed resources to help her develop a curriculum to equip local health promoters to deliver short health lessons on various topics, including family planning. During her Peace Corps training, Kathryn received a USB drive containing K4Health materials and tools, including a Guatemalan Toolkit on the Standard Days Method of contraception. Kathryn used materials from this Toolkit and others to train seven women’s groups and 60 indigenous health promoters on contraceptive methods.

La planification familiale et les Objectifs de développement durable

La planification familiale a un effet d’entraînement sur l’ensemble des 17 points des Objectifs de développement durable. La nouvelle animation de K4Health, Planification familiale : élément indispensable à la réalisation des Objectifs de développement durable, explique comment et pourquoi la planification familiale est décisive dans notre capacité à faire face aux défis de développement mondiaux, de la lutte contre la pauvreté au ralentissement du changement climatique en passant par la prévention des troubles civils.

K4Health Toolkits: Strengthening Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services in Uganda

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) of Uganda offers critical services, including counseling clients affected by HIV and AIDS on family planning so that they can decide whether and when to have children and take measures to prevent transmission of HIV from mother to child. To develop their guidance on counseling clients, TASO relied on K4Health’s collection of family planning-focused Toolkits, particularly the Community-Based Family Planning Toolkit, the Community-based Access to Injectables Toolkit, and the Family Planning and HIV Services Integration Toolkit.