K4Health Toolkits Dissemination Kit

Developing high-quality information products, such as K4Health Toolkits, often is not enough to change policy and practice. The products must also be actively disseminated to the intended audiences to improve awareness and use. K4Health has compiled this Toolkits Dissemination Kit to help our partners with their dissemination efforts.

Use this kit as a reference whenever you have a question. If you cannot find an answer to a question, email us at toolkits@k4health.org

The kit includes:

Contents of the K4Health Toolkits Dissemination Kit. This document identifies and describes the contents of the kit.

Strategic Dissemination Plan for K4Health Toolkits. The plan includes examples of activities to disseminate and promote the toolkit.

Template for Tracking Dissemination Efforts. Developed in Excel, this spreadsheet can be used or adapted to help organizations track their dissemination efforts.

Sample Launch Announcements. Several samples of announcements for the launch of new toolkits are provided in this document.

Template for Creating Promotional Fact Sheets. You can use this interactive PDF template to create a fact sheet about your toolkit. Click in the appropriate blocks to add your own logos, images, and text.

Sample Promotional Fact Sheet from PDF Template. Sample toolkit fact sheet created with PDF template.

Sample Promotional Fact Sheet by Professional Designer. Sample toolkit fact sheet created by a professional designer.

Sample Promotional Postcard–print version. The Oral Contraceptives Toolkit team developed a promotional postcard for distribution to select audiences.

Sample Promotional Postcard–electronic version. The same postcard as above, but formatted differently, for electronic distribution.

Template for Creating Promotional Presentations. A PowerPoint presentation that walks audiences through the toolkit—the purpose, contents, and how to navigate it—can be used at various meetings.

General Fact Sheet on K4Health Toolkits. This fact sheet provides an overview of K4Health Toolkits and the Toolkit Application, as well as examples of topics.