Total Market Approach to Family Planning

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Total Market Approach GHeL course

Global Health eLearning Center

The Global Health eLearning Center offers two courses focused on the total market approach:

Total Market Approach: This course introduces learners to the total market approach and how to use it to maximize resource use, increase access to priority health goods, and improve sustainability. Although this course focuses exclusively on health products, the approach is applicable to health information and service delivery as well.

Total Market Approach to Family Planning Services GHeL course

A Total Market Approach to Family Planning Services: This course encourages learners to focus the total market approach lens on nurturing a healthy market for family planning services and understanding the roles of different sectors within that market. Particular attention will be paid to metrics for defining and measuring the family planning total market, health financing strategies, and total market activities that can help increase access and overcome staffing obstacles to quality family planning services.

Several other courses offer additional opportunities to learn about related concepts:

Topic last updated: June 06, 2018