Integrating Family Planning and HIV Services

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K4Health has a number of Toolkits focused on the integration of family planning and HIV services: 

The Interagency Working Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV Linkages has designed the SRH & HIV Linkages Resource Pack to foster understanding of the current status of these linkages among key partners. The Resource Pack contains advocacy materials, rapid assessment tools, policies, programmatic guidance, and more.

Family Planning/HIV Integration Quality Assurance Tool

Key resources for planning and implementation

Family Planning/HIV Integration Quality Assurance Tool (Advancing Partners and Communities Project, 2018; PDF, 4.1MB)

This tool is designed to assess the extent to which facilities offering integrated family planning and HIV services are meeting basic minimum standards for the provision of quality FP services, identify any gaps in the provision of integrated services, and serve as a starting point for improving FP service delivery. 

Contraceptive Method Considerations for Clients with HIV Including Those on ART: Provider Reference Tool (FHI 360, 2017; PDF, 285KB)

Based on the WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, this chart helps clinical providers determine whether clients with HIV, including those on antiretroviral therapy (ART), may initiate or continue using common contraceptive methods.

Strategic Communication Framework for Hormonal Contraceptive Methods and Potential HIV-Related Risks (HC3, 2016; PDF, 2.11MB)

The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) developed this Strategic Communication Framework as a tool to assist country stakeholders in the adaptation and dissemination of information pertaining to hormonal contraception and HIV risk at regional, national, and local levels.

Integrated Community-based Family Planning and HIV Testing and Counseling: Training Curriculum for Uganda Village Health Teams (FHI 360, 2014; PDF, 1.17MB)

This manual presents the training components needed to equip community-based family planning providers to offer high-quality HIV counseling and testing.

Expanding Integration of Family Planning into HIV Care and Treatment: Lessons and Best Practices (Ibis Reproductive Health, UCSF, E2PI, Bixby Centre for Global Health, KEMRI, 2014; PDF, 757KB)

This brief shares programmatic insights and concludes with a list of 10 steps—each accompanied by action items—for integrating family planning and HIV care services. 

Integrating Family Planning and Antiretroviral Therapy: A Client-oriented Service Model (EngenderHealth, 2014; PDF, 1.26MB)

EngenderHealth's updated program guide helps users think through a successful and efficient plan for integrating family planning and antiretroviral therapy services. 

Family Planning and HIV Integrated Supply Chains (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, 2015; PDF, 930KB)

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT recently published a brief highlighting the importance of integrating family planning and HIV services. The target populations for both FP and HIV services significantly overlap because women of childbearing age account for approximately 50% of those living with HIV and AIDS worldwide.


Topic last updated: September 19, 2018