World Humanitarian Day 2014: The World Needs More....

Rebecca Shore

CCP | Program Officer II

This year’s World Humanitarian Day theme is “The World Needs More…” and is intended for people to fill in the blank over social media using the hashtag #TheWorldNeedsMore. A thoughtful way to shine a light on World Humanitarian Day, the campaign hopes to get people around the world talking about the needs of the world.

Watching the world over the past few weeks, the turbulence has been staggering. There are crises too numerous to count. With fighting on the Gaza Strip, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and air strikes in Iraq, my first thought about “The World Needs More…” was to replace the more with less. The World Needs Less…armed conflict, disease, child marriage…the list goes on.

But then I thought, “How can I flip that and make it positive?”

World Humanitarian Day honors aid workers all over the world who put themselves in harm’s way to help others. Aid workers do not run from disaster; they go towards it, picking up the pieces and saving lives. In natural disasters, armed conflict, outbreaks, and other devastating events, aid workers are there. So when I think of what the world needs more of, it is the nature of these individuals.

The World Needs More Compassion

The World Needs More Selflessness

The World Needs More Humanitarians

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