[WEBINAR] Knowledge Management in Practice: Nurturing a Learning Culture

Knowledge Management for Global Health

Sophie Weiner

CCP | Communications Specialist
Knowledge Management in Practice: Nurturing a Learning Culture

Nurturing a Learning Culture is the first installment of our three-part webinar series on Knowledge Management in Practice.

All organizations have some knowledge management (KM) processes and systems, but do you want to make your institution’s processes and systems more effective, purposeful, and systematic? Hear from KM experts about how they have shaped an enabling environment for learning and knowledge management by making the case for KM, strengthening local ownership and capacity, and getting started with clear objectives and tasks.

This webinar is the first of our three-part series on KM in Practice. The second webinar, How Do I Get Started? (July 31), will focus on meeting the knowledge needs of your team, and the third, We’re Doing All This Good Work: What Are We Learning and How Do We Share It? (August 14), will focus on identifying, synthesizing, and sharing the knowledge generated through your work.

Featured Speakers

  • Daniel Adero, Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
  • Bhagawan Shrestha, Project Director, LINKAGES Nepal Project, FHI 360
  • Irene Mirembe, Knowledge Management Manager, USAID Regional Health Integration to Enhance Services in Eastern Uganda (USAID RHITES-East), IntraHealth International

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