Register today for the 2017 Global Digital Health Forum

Anne Kott

CCP | Communications Director

There’s still time to register for the 4th annual Global Digital Health Forum, taking place December 4-6, 2017 in Washington, DC. Co-hosted by the Global Digital Health Network in partnership with the Personal Connect Health Alliance, the Forum will feature government stakeholders, digital health developers, researchers, donors, implementers and field experts from across the globe, bringing them together for three days of educational programming on the latest evidence, experiences and lessons learned, dynamic keynotes and over 30 breakout sessions featuring the latest innovations and successful digital health programs at scale. Highlighted sessions include:

  • Data Privacy and Security: An Increasing Imperative panel will discuss the challenges humanitarian organizations and governments still face regarding the complexities and gaps in regulatory frameworks, compliance, attainment of informed consent, data use and broader ethical considerations. Speakers include Scott Mills, Chief Innovation Officer, World Vision; Joel Urbanowicz, Director of Information Security, Catholic Relief Services; Anna Arnaud, AAAS Fellow, USAID Global Development Lab-Development Informatics Team (Responsible Data); Ambrose Levi, PMP, Deputy Director, Communications (Policy), Ministry of Information and Communications, Communications Directorate (ICT Cadre), Government of Sierra Leone. (Note: this session is closed to media)
  • Creating Virtual Safe Spaces: Considerations and Lessons Learned will feature three initiatives to develop safe spaces for women and adolescents, including design and security considerations, challenges, and lessons learned in implementing these projects.
  • Governance & Leadership of Digital Health Tools in East Africa will outline the  needs, vision, goals and responsibilities for a Digital Regional East African Community Health (REACH) Initiative, including the Tanzania Digital Health Investment Roadmap; Kenya's efforts to achieve 'enforcement' outcomes without traditional government-led law enforcement, as the first country in Africa to develop an eHealth policy; and institutionalization and optimization of digital health governance from VitalWave.
  • Responsible Data Practices for eHealth is a hands-on workshop addressing privacy and security protection and good practices needed to mitigate risks for timely and accurate data use and sharing. A benefit risk analysis tool will help participants understand how to assess risks related to digital technology and maximize benefits to beneficiaries, data subjects, and other stakeholders.
  • How Today's Digital Media Ecosystem Impacts Evidence-Based Health Communication Efforts For Policy And Practice features a novel analytical platform that analyzes the overall digital media ecosystem, and its intersection with evidence-based health communication efforts. Learn from speakers from Breakthrough Action, USAID's new $300 million social and behavior change global project, MIT Center for Civic Media, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard.

K4Health will host a number of panel sessions and workshops through the 3-day conference.

  • Digital Data for Family Planning Programs: This panel will explore various ways that digital technology can be used to improve access to family planning information, support and care and will feature our collaboration with Kenya Medical Training College, the Kitui District Hospital, and IntraHealth Kenya to develop and deliver an IVR family planning reinforcement training for students and healthcare providers, based on GHeL quiz questions. The mean scores from baseline to endline among the intervention group increased from 12.1 at baseline to 15.9 at endline—a statistically significant difference indicating that the IVR training supported improved learning.
  • Leveraging Social Media Tools for Public Health Impact: What’s up with WhatsApp? Come learn how three groups, including K4Health, are using this mobile communication technology to drive innovation and engagement in global health work. We’ll present findings from a seven-week K4Health training program on healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, designed and delivered to 160 participants via WhatsApp.
  • Knowledge Management for Digital Health: In this K4Health-led workshop, you’ll learn how to 1) identify KM priorities in the context of digital health; 2) use existing digital health knowledge tools such as those available through the Knowledge for Health program; and 3) implement select KM strategies.

Register today and follow #GDHF2017 for a special discount code, worth $50 off your registration.