Photoshare: New Faces, New Features

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Simone Parrish

CCP | Global Repository Director
Mother and Daughter in India

In Rajasthan, India, 25-year-old Channa holds her 14-month-old daughter Kiran. With the help of local NGOs, Channa averted Kiran's fate as a child bride.

© 2011 Tanzeel Ur Rehman / Cover Asia Press, Courtesy of Photoshare

As Photoshare announces the winners of its 2012 photography contest, it is also rolling out some powerful new features that have been contributed back to the open source community.

Contest Winners

A striking image of a young mother—who, with the help of a local NGO, averted her daughter's early marriage—is the Best-of-Show winner of the contest, which was held in partnership with HIFA2015. View the winning photos and honorable mentions at

The contest was open for entries from September 21-December 17, 2012. During that time the collection received over 2,500 submissions and published 2,167 of them--boosting Photoshare's total by more than 10% in just three months (browse all published images from the contest). The collection offers over 21,000 images, freely available for nonprofit and educational use thanks to the support of USAID.

But it's definitely not just about quantity: The contest winners are a best-of-the best group that represent the Photoshare collection as a whole. These are genuine, dignified, often emotionally moving images that are editorially selected for their value as communication tools. Images are all tagged and searchable by topic and context, making it easy for nonprofit and educational communicators to find and use photos that include people from across the world in real health and development situations. If you have ever spent hours combing through stock photography or Flickr's Creative Commons looking for suitable images for a newsletter or presentation, you will appreciate what an amazing time-saver and communications tool Photoshare can be.

New Features

Photoshare Batch Upload / Flickr Integration

A screenshot of the new batch upload/Flickr integration options for Photoshare contributors.

Since 2004, Photoshare has evolved from a physical print collection with a browse-only website to a fully digital, full-featured service website. The collection has been built painstakingly, with generous contributing photographers uploading their images one at a time. (This makes contest honoree Dr. Arturo Sanabria's accomplishments all the more remarkable: He has contributed over 400 images to Photoshare—more than 250 in 2012 alone—uploading them one by one.) 

With the roll-out of new batch upload and Flickr integration features, it is easier than ever to become a Photoshare contributor.

  • Batch upload allows photographers to drag-and-drop images from their own computers to the Photoshare upload interface, and caption images either as a batch or individually.
  • Flickr integration: Many people use Flickr ( to store, organize, display, and share their photos. A Photoshare contributor who already has a Flickr account doesn't need to re-upload anything. Photoshare now connects to Flickr directly, allowing contributors to select images from their Flickr photostreams.

Open Source Contribution

One way K4Health maximizes USAID's support is by freely sharing the tools we develop. The Batch Upload/Flickr Integration functionalities, developed for K4Health by Aten Design Group, are now available to the public and actively maintained at Contributing tools back to the open source software community at means they are available for use by anyone with a Drupal 7 website.