Photoshare Images Enhance BSR’s HERproject Toolbuilder

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David Alexander

CCP | Photoshare Manager
BSR HERproject

Business for Social Responsibility's HERproject links multinational companies and factories to local NGOs with workplace programs that increase women’s health awareness.

Partnerships, like the recent one with BSR’s HERproject, extend the reach and impact of Photoshare images. HERproject is an initiative of BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) linking multinational companies and factories to local NGOs with workplace programs that increase women’s health awareness. HERproject is active in Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam. HERproject is supported by the Levi Strauss Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

The partnership places Photoshare images directly into the HERproject Toolbuilder. That means users can create customized posters and flipcharts with Photoshare images!

The Toolbuilder is a free interactive tool designed for health educators to create training materials for peer-to-peer education of factory and farm workers in developing countries. It offers a step-by-step approach for selecting topic and country specific content. These refinement features mirror the selection process for users within Photoshare, providing important editorial control and safeguards for ensuring fair use.

BSR HERproject and Photoshare

Many of the original illustrations included in BSR's HERproject Toolbuilder were inspired by Photoshare images.

During discussions with HERproject staff, we were excited to hear that many of the original illustrations included in the Toolbuilder were actually inspired by Photoshare images. So as HERproject staff was referencing Photoshare, we were coincidently testing the Toolbuilder after learning about their innovative approach while researching interactive tools for creating customized health materials.

Another great aspect of the partnership is a linkage with Hesperian Health Guides, a nonprofit health information and health education source. Hesperian generously provided additional illustrations for the enhanced Toolbuilder. We see a lot of potential in linking with other image databases that support nonprofit/educational sharing and believe this connection is a great test case.   

Toolbuilder Features

BSR HERproject Toolbuilder

The Toolbuilder provides users with a guided interface for selecting images by region and topic. 

The Toolbuilder is tailored for BSR members but is available to the public, and users can test the functionality without a log-in. Account registration is required in order to save or print any of the created materials. The Toolbuilder provides users with a guided interface for selecting images by region and topic. Topics include: General Health,Family Planning, Harassment, Maternal Health, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Reproductive Health.

Visit the HERproject Toolbuilder.

Fair Use for Custom Posters and Flipcharts

A key component to the partnership for us was safeguarding against the misuse of photos. To ensure fair use Photoshare images are available with the Toolbuilder’s step-by-step process, only relevant content is provided based on topic and country selections. Another critical component is the need for accurately attributing Photoshare images and inclusion of the photographer’s credit. Working with the HERproject team, Photoshare established guidelines for including attribution in exported and saved PDFs created with the Toolbuilder. In tests, it was great to see that materials created with Photoshare images correctly identified the photographer and included Photoshare attribution.

Evaluating the Impact of Photoshare Images

In addition to Photoshare’s History of Use functionality that tracks which images are available in the Toolbuilder, HERproject staff will provide Photoshare with semi-annual data about tool-based use of Photoshare images. This information will help us determine the full reach of Photoshare images as well as understand the impacts on knowledge exchange and health outcomes.