ORB: A Groundbreaking, Online Global Library for Training Frontline Health Workers


Lisa Mwaikambo

CCP | Co-Manager, Global Health eLearning

Heidi Good Boncana

CCP | mHealth Portfolio Manager
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Credit: Liz Eddy, MCSP

Note: This has been cross-posted and adapted from mPowering Frontline Health Workers.

Today, mPowering Frontline Health Workers (mPowering) announces the launch of ORB, an online content platform that will play a major role in improving the performance of hundreds of thousands of frontline health workers.

ORB is the first comprehensive online library of high quality, mobile-optimized, openly licensed training materials for frontline health workers. Through relevant, timely training materials and information, ORB helps frontline workers access the knowledge they need to transform health outcomes for millions of women and children.

Every day, more than 800 women and 17,000 children die from preventable causes. For most women and children in developing countries, frontline health workers are the first link to the critical and primary health care that can save their lives.

ORB health worker

ORB helps frontline workers access the knowledge they need to transform health outcomes for millions of women and children. Credit: Deb Van Dyke, Global Health Media Project 

Yet, many frontline health workers lack the training, information, and support they need to do their jobs effectively. With an exponential increase in the number of mobile phones and services worldwide, mobile health (mHealth) is improving access to trainings for frontline health workers, but only on a small scale to-date.

ORB responds to a global demand from trainers, health workers, and policy makers for improved access to mHealth training content. ORB uniquely brings high-quality health content, optimized for use on mobile devices, into a single platform, where it can be saved for viewing or sharing offline.

ORB is free to use, and available today at www.health-orb.org. The site holds more than 200 resources covering family planning; antenatal care; labor and delivery; newborn care; child health; and nutrition. K4Health is pleased to have contributed content to the site: 21 Global Health eLearning (GHeL) courses related to reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health were selected as resources on the portal. The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, the lead partner on the K4Health Project, was selected as a preferred content provider for ORB and has contributed videos from the Bangladesh Knowledge Management Initiative (BKMI) and the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), as well as CCP projects in India and the Philippines.

Users can view, share, and adapt the content on ORB; they are also invited to submit new content. Visit the site today to explore the content and contact mPowering to learn more.