New Hormonal Contraception/HIV Brief from USAID

Integrating Family Planning and HIV Services

Simone Parrish

CCP | Global Repository Director

Hot off the press: USAID has just released a new technical brief on hormonal contraception and HIV. USAID's Ellen Starbird, Deputy Director of the Office of Population and Reproductive Health, and David Stanton, Director of the Office of HIV and AIDS, noted in a recent email:

This brief summarizes the current evidence, recommendations, and implications related to use of different hormonal contraceptive methods and HIV acquisition, female-to-male HIV transmission, and HIV disease progression, as well as drug-drug interactions.
We hope this brief will be useful for national policy makers responsible for HIV and/or family planning programming, U.S. Government family planning and HIV program managers at headquarters and in the field, HIV and family planning implementing partners, and others in the global health community.