Love Letter to My IUD

Sarah V. Harlan

CCP | Learning Director

We love the love letters to contraception EngenderHealth shared through their WTFP?! campaign. Their clever Valentines inspired us to write our own love letters to contraception!

Dear IUD,

It’s true, I had a long love affair with the condom. I thought we would be together forever. It protected me, and gave me the dual protection I needed at the time. Those were good times, but I moved on. I was young, and didn’t realize what a big world of family planning was out there!

My next affair, the pill, was short-lived. It was effective for my friends, but I was so flighty! I didn’t treat it the way it deserved. I would forget about it, neglect it…. So I tried the patch, but the side effects left me cold.

I quickly realized I needed something with minimal side effects and something that would last a long time. However, I knew I wanted to have a family eventually, so I didn’t want anything permanent. Was I being too picky, I wondered?

That’s when I found you, sweet IUD! How wonderful to have you with me no matter what I did, but not to pressure me to stay with you. You were first with me in my 20s, before I decided I wanted to get pregnant. Then after my son was born, you came back to me. We have had years of happiness ever since! And the best thing? I know that if I want to have another child, you will set me free again!

Thank you for helping me plan my family, IUD. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your (not so secret) admirer