Love Letter to My Future Vasectomy

Engaging Men and Boys in Family Planning

Jarret Cassaniti

CCP | Program Officer

We love the love letters to contraception EngenderHealth shared through their WTFP?! campaign. Their clever Valentines inspired us to write our own love letters to contraception!

Dear Vasectomy,

I've seen you from afar and have always found you attractive! I know that we are not right for each other now, but hope we can meet in the future when I'm ready.

You see, I don't have a family yet, but hope to have one in the next few years. At this point in my life, condoms, hormonal contraceptives, and the IUD give me the flexibility I'm looking for. I hope this doesn't make you jealous!

And I hope you understand that even though I'm a guy, I can still rely on methods usually thought of as only for girls; I say this because family planning relies on communication and between men and women. Being together and sharing our hopes and dreams is what Valentine's Day is all about!

So....I know that you will be there for me when the time is right. Between now and then, there might be another method that entices me and my partner, like the male pill, but in the end, I know you're the one I want!

Your secret admirer