Love Letter to the IUD

Elizabeth Futrell

(Formerly) CCP | Content Development Lead

We love the love letters to contraception EngenderHealth shared through their WTFP?! campaign. Their clever Valentines inspired us to write our own love letters to contraception!

Dear IUD,

It took me a long time to find you, but, Darling, it was worth the wait.

I think we might be soul mates.

My first love was the condom, but, like many young loves, ours was unpredictable, susceptible to whims of passion and feelings of invincibility.

There were flings with the morning-after pill I wish I could forget (though I’m grateful it exists).

And like so many American women, I had years of on-again off-again romance with oral contraceptive pills. We did love each other, but little things like side effects and forgetfulness added up over the years, and we just couldn’t stay together.

Oh, IUD, thank goodness we finally found each other. Now that I’m a busy working mother of two, you are my perfect match. You are always there for me without my needing to ask. You allow me to be 98% certain I’m done having kids without forcing me to say goodbye to the possibility of having another baby before I’m 100% ready to close that door. You’ve promised me I can rely on you for the next 10 years if I want to, but you don’t pressure me to stay if I change my mind.

Where have you been all my life, IUD? I hope my daughters find someone as wonderful as you when they’re ready, and I’ll help make sure they don’t have to search nearly as long as I did.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Your Biggest Admirer


This is awesome! On a similar note, here's a Valentine's Day haiku I wrote:
Mirena, it's love.
Your carefree contraception
and no periods.

Suzanne, I love your haiku. Thanks for sharing!