Evolution of K4Health Toolkits: 2009 to the Present

K4Health Highlights

Elizabeth Tully

CCP | Program Officer
Old Toolkit Platform

The original K4Health Toolkit platform, which was replaced in 2012.

The first three K4Health ToolkitsIUD, Injectables and Elements of Family Planning Success – debuted in October 2009. By October 2010, our Toolkit offerings had quickly expanded to 26 Toolkits with the addition of several HIV-focused Toolkits, more family planning and reproductive health Toolkits, our mHealth Toolkit, the first country-specific Toolkits developed by working groups in Malawi, and a series of eight Peace Corps Toolkits for volunteers across the world.

Since then, more than 50 Toolkits have been published, bringing variety and breadth to the collection. Some of these Toolkits are country-specific and offered in a variety of languages including the Adolescent Reproductive Health in Indonesia Toolkit in Bahasa, a French HIV/AIDS Toolkit from Cote d’Ivoire and a Spanish Standard Days Method Toolkit from Guatemala. Some address cross-cutting issues such as Human Resources in Health, Knowledge Management, Leadership & Management, and Monitoring & Evaluation. The number and diversity of Toolkits reflects the over 100 collaborating organizations involved in building and maintaining the Toolkits hosted by K4Health.

IYWG Toolkit

The K4Health Toolkit platform was revised in 2012.

Three years after the first Toolkits launched, K4Health redesigned the Toolkit platform to improve the functionality and appearance of the site for both Toolkit builders and end users. In the year since we launched the new Toolkit design, builder and user feedback has been very positive. Toolkit builders shared that the platform and interface is easier to use and the color customization and banner photos makes a big difference. Our end users are pleased with the improvements in navigation and quicker page loads.

We are always thinking about how to improve K4Health Toolkits for our audience – both end users and builders. We welcome your suggestions and constructive feedback. Please email us to share your ideas.